Transistor Radio Analysis

Isha Nadkarni
3 min readMar 19, 2020


Hello guys, my name is Isha Nadkarni and I am an aspiring Industrial designer, who is in Fourth semester at National Institute of Design, Andra Pradesh.

Today’s blog is about -

A detailed analysis of a Transistor Radio.

Course - Simple Product Design.

Okay so we had to do this analysis so that we could understand the inner components of a product, and in my group’s case a transistor radio. This understanding of inside components of a product is important because if we were ever to redesign the form of a complex product we need to understand the inside components so that the size and placements of the components also changes.

We started up with opening up the radio and understanding the inner components, by knowing their function in the radio, their manufacturing processes and how they work.

After opening up the radio we did the exploded view of it so that we understand the working of it in a better way.

Following are the transistor radio’s components:-

  • DC battery case and AC input
  • Transformer
  • Speaker
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Dials
  • FM antenna

Printed Circuit board aka PCB also has few main components

  • AM antenna
  • Button ( to switch radio from fm to am)
  • Radio frequency amplifier
  • IF amplifier
  • Capacitors
  • Resistors
  • Variable frequency oscillator
  • Detector
  • Audio amplifier

This is how the radio works. The antenna catches signal , then the tuner helps in tuning the radio to whichever frequency you need it in. The detector selects the prefered frequency and the amplifier then amplifies the frequency and converts it into audio signal and sends it to speaker where speaker projects the sound.

In the next part of the study we had to take the natural form which we had studied previously and take inspiration from its components to change certain aspects of the the radio.

So after doing this study, I mean like the whole study I understood how important it is to understand the product inside out and how it helps in the further ideation.



Isha Nadkarni

National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh, I am an aspiring Industrial Designer.