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Isha Nadkarni
4 min readJul 23, 2020

Isha Nadkarni

National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh

Industrial Design, Semester 4 ( Batch of 2022)

Course : Nature and Form

Mentor : Snehal Joshi

Now that we have got the grasp of abstracting certain elements that characterize the form, we were told to conceptualize products that are inspired from the natural form chosen.

The products that we were told to design are:

  1. Teapot
  2. Lamp shade

I started with Teapot.

I first looked at different types of teapot and then I came across Infuser Teapot. This teapot has a container whose sides have a thin grill in which tea leaves are put and through that container water is poured, and then the tea infuses in the water. This teapot gave me a base for the teapots that I have conceptualized.

But before i started conceptualizing I thought about the user . So the user of the teapot is someone who loves drinking tea but also has a taste of contemporary and sharp designs.

Concept 1

(left to right ) Infuser Teapot and Pineapple cross-section. The above images are the basic inspiration for my concepts.

When I looked at the infuser teapot, I was immediately reminded of the cross section of the pineapple. I related the core of the pineapple with the infuser of the teapot, and hence I made some rough sketches to start with.

Rough Concepts

After getting few ideas and inspiration I came up with the following concept.

Many elements of the above teapot are inspired from the pineapple. The infuser is inspired from the core of the pineapple, while the lid is inspired from the rugged and repetitive arrangement of the leaves of the pineapple crown. The grid on the main body of teapot is inspired by the repetitive grid seen on the pineapple. the handle achieves the dynamism from the side view of the bract. In this I aimed to create an illusion of pineapple, so when hot water will be poured and the tea get infused, it will create an illusion of the pineapple, since the teapot as a whole is sort of an abstraction of pineapple.

Concept 2

Inspirations for the concept

The above concept is inspired from the side view of the bracts and an individual unit of pineapple fruit. Here again I hoped to crate an illusion of cross section of a pineapple. Since the spout, handle, and lid are inspired from the side-view of the bract, we get to see the same side view of it when we see the cross section of pineapple. the teapot has a repetitive element to it , that is the side view of the bract and there is also some dynamism to the teapot because of the different abstracted styles of the side-view of the bract. the infuser along with lid is like an individual unit of the pineapple.

Concept 3

(left to right) inspiration and rough sketch.

Above concept is also inspired from the individual unit of the pineapple, with a side view of bract, I have tweaked the form a bit for the handle. the when seen as a standalone I felt that i could not relate it with the pineapple.

From the above concepts the concept that best showed characteristics of pineapple is Concept 1.


Photoshop Render

3D Render

Below is the animation of the exploded view of the teapot



Isha Nadkarni

National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh, I am an aspiring Industrial Designer.